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History of China’s Shoe Machine Industry


China’s shoe-making machinery industry rose in the late 1980s.  After nearly 30 years of struggle, there have been more than 300 outstanding Chinese shoe-making machinery companies, mainly distributed in Wenzhou, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places. Among them, the number of enterprises in Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Fujian accounted for 90%, and the sales also accounted for more than 90%.  The shoe machine products currently produced by these enterprises can cover from shoe sample design, upper-making equipment, molding equipment to sole pressing, whole shoe trimming and laboratory equipment, and the quality is stable.  With economic integration, China’s shoe machine companies have a great opportunity to speed up their development again.

Wenzhou:  Take The Road of National Conditions and Approach the World.

In Wenzhou, known as the “Shoe Capital of China”, in the 1990s, private capital invested in the shoemaking industry one after another, building and expanding many shoemaking factories, so a large number of shoemaking machines and related services were needed. To this end, entrepreneurs in the shoe machine industry in Wenzhou have made a lot of investment, through research on Italian and Taiwanese equipment already used by domestic shoe-making companies, and combined with China’s national conditions to produce a series of shoe-making equipment that is more suitable for domestic shoe-making technology.  Now, there are more than 100 shoe-making machinery enterprises in Wenzhou. The varieties cover all aspects of the shoe-making process, and they are fully capable of exporting from the whole factory.  Even to integrate the design of Italian shoe machines and the production concept of craft products.

Guangdong: Processing Base for Incoming Materials.

Guangdong Province, another key shoe-making area in China, is the main area for the processing and production of leather products, especially footwear products, from various countries and regions in the world.  In Dongguan, Shenzhen and other regions, a large number of shoe-making machinery enterprises have grown up.

Jinjiang: A Fertile Ground for the Development of Shoemaking Machinery.

Jinjiang, Fujian Province is a big city producing sports shoes and casual shoes in China.  Currently, there are more than 3,000 shoe-making enterprises with an annual output of nearly 500 million pairs of shoes. In recent years, the city has introduced more than 2,000 shoe-making assembly lines (sets), and invested an average of RMB 800 million in technological transformation each year, which is a fertile ground for the development of shoe-making machinery.

North: The Tripartite Industry, One Part of the World.

In northern China, there are shoe machine companies that have made contributions to the shoe industry and have a long history of production. Yancheng is located in the north of Jiangsu Province. The transportation here is not as convenient as in Guangdong, Fujian, Wenzhou and other coastal and big cities, and there are not as many shoe factories as in Wenzhou, Fujian, and Guangdong.  However, Yancheng shoe machines produced cutting equipment in the 1980s and exported a large number of them.  With the development of the market economy, many emerging enterprises have emerged in the shoe machine industry in Yancheng and Jiangsu.

As China has become a shoe processing base, shoe machine companies have completed the capital and technology accumulation at the initial stage of entrepreneurship.  In the future, they will design and produce new machines in time according to the shoe factory’s process improvement, improve new product development capabilities, and create a Chinese shoe machine brand with Chinese characteristics.  The quality of Chinese shoe machines has stabilized, and the export of shoe machines will have considerable room for development.