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The Present and Future of China’s Shoe Machine Industry

As a major shoe-producing country in the world, China accounts for 65% of global footwear orders.  As a large number of international footwear orders once led to the vitality of China’s shoe machine market, China has become the world’s largest shoe machine trading market.  After five major overall adjustments in the industry in 2010, 2012, 2015, 2019, and 2020, the traditional shoe machines imitated by Chinese shoe machine companies in the early days can no longer meet the rapid growth and rising shoemaking standards in the Asian market.  She needs to upgrade and transform.

Since 2016, the global shoe industry has gradually entered the era of intelligent manufacturing.  The leading enterprises in China’s shoe machine industry, especially in the field of precision, automation and intelligent shoemaking technology, such as intelligent cutting of all materials for shoemaking based on the industry 4.0 era System, intelligent marking machine, 3D printer, computerized pattern machine, three-dimensional intelligent sewing machine, automatic tongue sewing unit, intelligent toe lasting machine, intelligent waist and counter lasting machine, glue brushing robot, roughing robot, intelligent assembly line, automatic silk screen printing machines, automatic hot labeling machines and other high-end equipment have achieved fruitful results.

In the era of intelligence, China’s shoe machine industry has multiple superimposed advantages in the competitive landscape of the global shoe machine industry:  China’s shoe machine industry has multiple advantages in terms of technology, talents, teams, customers, use environment, operator quality and ability, especially in terms of intelligence is on the same line as other countries.  However, China has advantages in terms of talent and also has a good foundation in the application of mobile intelligent systems.  She has greater flexibility, a broad market base, good service and technical support, mature and complete industrial supporting facilities, etc.  Of course, the more important thing is that she is closer to the market.  The close cooperation between shoe machine manufacturers and shoe-making enterprises is an important factor for intelligent shoe-making technology from conception to maturity to popularization.

After nearly 40 years of accumulation and development, China’s shoe machine industry is backed by Asia, the global shoe-making center, to grasp the historic development opportunity from the traditional to intelligent shoe-making industry.  In the future, China’s shoe machines will continue to improve technology to meet the actual needs of customers.